Alexander Steinmaurer

Ph.D. in CS from TU Graz | CSEd Researcher | Lecturer | Software Developer | Paramedic


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👋 Hi, my name is Alexander and I am glad to welcome you to my personal website!

🏫 Since I was a child, computers are around me. After nine years of school education, I wanted to start a profession in that field. In my apprenticeship as a software developer, I learned a lot about software, technology, and people. I also realized that sharing my passion for computer science with others is highly motivating fulfilling for me and so I moved to my favorite city - Graz.

🎓 I started to study computer science and German language/literature to become a teacher. During this wonderful time, I got in contact with a lot of great and inspiring people. Together with these people I worked on various projects in the area of software development.

💻 While writing my Master’s thesis, I realized that I really enjoy developing new technologies that engage and support people in learning to program. So, I started a Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2020 to make programming as easy and engaging as possible by designing new learning environments and analyzing learning data. In 2023 I finished my Ph.D. ("Engaging Learning Concepts and Technologies for Fostering Digital Competences and Programming in Computer Science Education"). My research mainly focuses on learning analytics, computer science education, engaging learning technologies, and LLMs in Education.

👨 Since always, teaching is a passion for me and so I started to teach in 2014. First, I took different courses at the Austrian Red Cross to become a lecturer and since then I held courses for paramedics and first aid. Teaching is just as much a central part of my everyday professional life as a University Assistant. I teach at the Graz University of Technology, FH Campus 02, and Pädagogische Hochschule Steiermark different courses in the area of programming, project management, learning technologies and markup languages.

Curriculum Vitae

since 07/2022

Executive Partner and CTO | e-zeit Software GmbH

  • Project Management and Lead Development of e-zeit Software

since 06/2020

University Assistant | Graz University of Technology

  • Researcher @ CoDiS Lab
  • Teaching Bachelor and Master Courses in the area of Computer Science (Programming, Engaging Learning Technologies, Project Management, Scientific Working)

since 03/2021

Lecturer | University College of Teacher Education Styria

  • Lecturer at the Institute of Secondary School Professional Education
  • Multimedia Systems II

08/2023 - 12/2023

Visiting Research Fellow | Brown University

since 11/2014

Lecturer | Austrian Red Cross

  • Teaching first aid courses
  • Teaching first aid courses focusing children and infant emergencies
  • Teaching in the Emergancy Medical Technican Programm of the Austrian Red Cross (Paramedics - "Rettungssanitäter")
  • Teaching the compulsory courses ("Pflichtschulung") according to § 50/51 SanG
  • Content for EMT Courses

10/2020 - 06/2023

Lecturer | Campus 02 University of Applied Science

  • Lecturer at the Institute of Information Technologies and Business Informatics.
  • Operating Systems and Markup Languages
  • Supervising of Bachelor's Thesis

12/2016 - 04/2021

Full Stack Developer | E-Projekt Software

  • Working on different web-based (PHP, Python, Node.JS, Bootstrap) and mobile applications (React Native, Apache Cordova)
  • Designing and implementation of APIs (REST)
  • Administration of different webservers (Apache, MySQL, MongoDB)

11/2017 - 02/2020

Web Developer | University of Graz

  • System Administrator for the linguistic IT-Lab and the devices (EyeTracker, Microphone, etc.)
  • Python programming for different lingustic experiments
  • Server administration (Debian) for different linguistic web-applications
  • Data analysis and statistical evaluation of experiments

summer term 2018-2020

Student Assistant | Graz University of Technology

10/2017 - 12/2017

Teacher | Refugee Aid Program

summer 2015/16

Application Engineer - Internship | x-tention Informationstechnologie GmbH

  • Writing a software for monitoring job execution at the hospital information system
  • Technical support for users of different clinical applications
  • Working on documentations for various clinical applications

02/2013 - 07/2014

Application Engineer | x-tention Informationstechnologie GmbH

  • Technical support for users of different clinical applications
  • Administration of clinical applications and servers
  • Maintaining and Monitoring applications and data exchange (HL7)

09/2008 - 04/2012

Software Engineer (Apprenticeship) | E-Projekt Software

  • Supporting and developing the own ERP System (.NET and Visual Fox Pro)
  • Designing and Implementing different APIs to webshops (JSON, REST, XML, SOAP, XML-RPC)
  • Administration of different databases (MySQL, MsSQL, Fox Pro)
  • Customer training


VO/KU Introduction to Structured Programming (TU Graz)
  • Bachelor's Programmes Computer Science, Information and Computer Engineering, Software Engineering and Management, Teacher Education Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering
  • Topics: Introduction to programming, C programming language, Data Types, Control Statements, Algorithms, (Dynamic) Memory Management, Structs, Pointers, etc.
VO/KU Object-oriented Programming I (TU Graz)
  • Bachelor's Programmes Computer Science, Information and Computer Engineering, Software Engineering and Management, Teacher Education Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering
  • Topics: C++ programming language, Objects, Classes, STL (Vectors, Iterators), Smart Pointers, Polymorphy
SE Selected Topics in Engaging Learning Technologies (TU Graz)
  • Intradisciplinary Course for Teachers and Computer Scientists
  • Topics: Digital Skills, Learning Environments, VR/AR/XR Technologies, E-Assessment, Coding, Game-Based Learning
SE Introduction to Scientific Working (TU Graz)
  • Bachelor's Programmes Computer Science, Information and Computer Engineering, Software Engineering and Management, Teacher Education Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering
  • Introduction to Scientific Writing: Formulate Research Questions, Paper/Theses Writing, Citation/References, etc.
  • Document: Introduction to Scientific Writing
ILV Operating Systems (FH Campus02)
  • Bachelor's Programme Business Data Science
  • Topics: Intro to Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Process Management (Process, Threads, IPC, Scheduling), Memory Management, Virtual Memory, I/O Devices, Filesystem, Bash Programming
ILV Markup Languages (FH Campus02)
  • Bachelor's Programme Business Software Development
  • GitLab-Repository
  • Topics: XML, HTML5, JSON, XML Schema Definition, XPath, Ajax, JQuery, XSLT
VO/UE Project Management (TU Graz)
  • Bachelor's Programme Software Engineering and Management
SE Multimedia Systems II (PH Steiermark)
  • Online Course
  • Master's Programme Media Informatics
  • Topics: Game-based Learning, Multimedia Systems, Learning Technologies


Here you can find a list with all my publications.





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